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Mister Probert in Etherland

Thank you for your indulgence on this, the first instalment of Kook Komix, produced in collaboration with Kook Science, particularly Trienton Kulsun, who wrote the words and this accompanying post. Hello.

First, we note, as you smartly observed, there is indeed a glaring continuity error in this comic: namely, that Meade Layne was not the transcriptionist, as the séance dictations were generally taken down in short-hand by stenographer Harriet Foster. We hope you will forgive our dramatic license.

Who was Mark Probert? By his own accounting, he was a drop-out and a drifter, skipping from the Merchant Marines to horse jockeying, serving a stint as hotel bellhop then as a Vaudevillian song-and-dance man, before finally settling into his role as a "Telegnostic from San Diego". Mr. Probert is scarcely known today, but, in his time, his trance psychic mediumship was the prime link between the later days of California Spiritualism and the nascent Ufology of the post-war period, and he served as forerunner to all the Space Brother contactees who soared to prominence in the early years of the 1950s. Probert saw himself as ultimately a humble servant to outside forces, ever self-effacing, quite unlike many of those he later inspired, and always offering all credit to the voices he believed he channelled, and to his partner and wife Irene Probert.

As to the astral personalities themselves, we are aware of no living mediums who claim contact with the Inner Circle Kethra E'Da; or, more specifically, with E Yada Di Shi'ite, their leader, and Mr. Probert's guide in our comic interpretation.

Yada, what to say of Yada? Yada was described as having been born in "the city of Kaoti (City of Temples) in Yuga (Vast Body), or Yu," a civilisation that consisted of 180 million people some half million years ago in the Himalayan Mountains. As a child, Yada was taken from his mother and raised in the temples of Yu, growing up to become a Kata (Priest), and, eventually, Yada (or High Priest; the word Yada is said to mean Spirit Life) as part of the Shi'ite mystic order. At the age of thirty-four, Yada was among eighty million inhabitants of Yu who died during a massive earthquake that destroyed the civilization. To all accounts, he was one of the more well-humoured controls, as joyful and welcome a presence as any possessing entity can be.

E Yada of Yu's peers in the ethereal after-life, all of whom were channelled by Probert, included Martin Lattimore Lingford (the first Probert channel), Maharaja Natcha Tramalaki, Ali Ben Casi, Kay Ting, Ramon Natalli, Arakashi, Sukoto Nikkioi, Alfred Luntz, Sister Theresa Vandenberg, Thomas Carlyle, Rama Kaloha, Lo Sun Yat, Lao-Tse, and Thomas Edison. The earthly organisation representing that august collective was founded by Mark Probert as the Teachers of Light, and it does exist to this day, maintaining an online presence at https://www.teachers-of-light.com/

Mr. Probert himself passed away on February 22, 1969, some few years after Irene. He was 62.

To our knowledge, no one has channelled him.

For a further reading on Mark Probert and his pals in the Circle, we humbly suggest: "The Magic Bag: A Manuscript Dictated Clairaudiently to Mark Probert by Members of the Inner Circle"; "The Coming of the Guardians"; and "Yada Speaks; or, the 500,000 Year Old Wisdom of E Yada Di Shi'ite".

Or, if you hate books, this series of articles and excerpts on Mark Russell Bell's Blog should satisfy many of your questions:

Or, if you refuse to read anything but poetry, A Stanza by E Yada.

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